​​ In 1978 George Appleton founded the company Appleton Chassis.

After building chassis for many years for both dirt and asphalt he decided to build a rack and pinion that would meet his high standards. He wanted to make the best possible rack and pinion but still keep the price down. He sold more than expected and started to concentrate more on the rack and pinion assembly than the whole chassis. Soon, he changed his business name to Appleton Rack and Pinion, Inc. The basic Appleton rack and pinion design is still used today. The all-in-one design makes it very compact, because the servo and cylinder are connected to the main unit. With this set up there is no need to run extra hoses and mount the servo and cylinder. Most all major rack and pinion manufacturers have began to use this configuration because of its neatness. Numerous NASCAR Professionals have used Appleton Rack & Pinions in the past such as Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, Kevin Harvick, and Jamie McMurray!


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